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A Taste, Just a Taste, of Israel

My mother-in-law recently asked me about greek yogurt. I discovered greek yogurt about a year ago and I love it! So, I was happy to tell my m-i-l all about it. I was curious, though, as she is not really the … Continue reading

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A Rainy Day

It is raining today, as it was yesterday and the day before. Rainy days often have either a relaxing, snug-at-home kind of feel, or a restless, jumpy feeling in our house. Today we had a bit of both. The early part of … Continue reading

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Ezzy and Ozzy

I have spoken previously about the power of the mother in setting the tone in the home.  Today, I glimpsed the wonders that occur when I am involved and supportive but not outright directing the action. I am not always … Continue reading

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Moody Mondays

Years ago, when I was first married, I read the book Table for Two by Rabbi Avraham Friedman.  Three lessons have integrally changed the way I interact with my husband and family. There is a famous story about a rebbetzin … Continue reading

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