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I am mother to 5 delightful human beings, and hold a B.A. in Literature, an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Ph.D. in Listening and Agreeing. This blog invites you to join me as I continue my learning journey with my children.

Teenage Girls – Part 2

I obviously didn’t spend enough time in heartfelt prayer last Thursday. Wednesday night when I went to bed my daughter and her two friends, Malky and Pnina, were all happy with their Shabbos arrangements.  After school on Thursday, my daughter … Continue reading

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The Wonders of Developing Language

This morning, my toddler and I went downstairs to wake up my teenage son and get the laundry going for the day. This is part of our daily routine. Also part of our routine is the trip back upstairs, usually … Continue reading

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Ah, the world of a teenage girl

Last night, I was honoured to overhear/observe my daughter’s sterling middos (character traits) in action. The school is hosting a mini-Shabbaton this week. As many girls live too far away to walk back to school Friday night, those of us … Continue reading

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The Power of Suggestion

Yesterday, I took my two youngest sons for a long walk in the crisp fresh fall sunshine. It was glorious, refreshing and relaxing all at once. We ended our walk at a playground so that they could have some fun, … Continue reading

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It has been too long

As parents, we want our kids to be consistent in their good habits. At least, I do. That is why, last January, I issued my family a 50 book challenge. My husband and I are firm believers in the myriad … Continue reading

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Tech Tips for Teens

I recently purchased an iPod Touch for my teenage son. He has been eyeing them for a very long time, and he actually has the money to buy one for himself. At the beginning of the school year, my husband … Continue reading

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Some Great Summer Reads

For those of you who know me, you know that I am a huge fan of children’s and young adult literature. This year, my family has embarked on a  50 book challenge wherein each of us is trying to read … Continue reading

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