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It takes a village

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Never is this more obvious than when making a simcha. Over the last 4 years, we have been blessed with one bar mitzvah and two bat mitzvahs. In … Continue reading

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No Worries

This past Sunday, we hosted a garden tea in honour of my daughter’s bas mitzvah. It was a beautiful, and I hope meaningful, afternoon for everyone. I am going to indulge and blog about it for a few days. I … Continue reading

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Six Word Saturday

Why can’t I get it right? Yes, I do realize that it is SUNDAY!  I have spent a large part of the day debating over posting this. I have decided to post it, with a qualification. I am generally an … Continue reading

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Happy Sivan!

Today marks the beginning of the month of Sivan. It was in Sivan that we received the greatest gift of all, the Torah. And so, as we frantically, or maybe calmly, prepare for Shabbat this week, it is appropriate to … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wa(o)nderings

A few weeks ago, I decided that Wednesday was the perfect day to clean my house. By Wednesday, it usually really needs a clean, and Wednesday is still far enough away from Friday that I have time to do it. … Continue reading

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