Happy Mother’s Day!

Flowers and jewellery 🙂

When I was a kid, I used to get up early, really early since my mom is a morning person, to make my mother breakfast in bed. I always loved the excitement and the independence of making a whole breakfast by myself. Setting it up on a special breakfast-in-bed tray, with a placemat, napkin, maybe a small gift or card.  After I got married, we started having a Mother’s Day brunch at our house every year. Those years, I almost always made my mom’s delicious cheese souffle and my grandma’s coffee cake. Now, we no longer live in the same city as our parents, so my kids are in charge. While I really miss the big family get togethers, I am happy my kids are getting a chance to experience the excitement I enjoyed as a kid.

Early this morning, before I was truly awake, my daughter presented me with a beautiful breakfast of oatmeal, yogurt and toaster waffles. It was a wonderful way to begin the day and eased my morning burden substantially as I shared my breakfast with my two youngest sons 🙂

My daughter went off to school, my husband to work, and the rest of us took the two older boys to soccer practice. When I returned from soccer, I found this bouquet and bracelet (see above) waiting for me on the table!

It has been a beautiful Spring day, relaxing and fun. A regular day with a twist of special:) I didn’t spend the day with my mom, but I did get to feel how she felt (at least how I hope she felt) on those long ago Mother’s Days.

How was your Mother’s Day?


About wottparenting

I am mother to 5 delightful human beings, and hold a B.A. in Literature, an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Ph.D. in Listening and Agreeing. This blog invites you to join me as I continue my learning journey with my children.
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3 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. We went to the dog park, mini-golfing, got a niece at the airport, and then went for pizza. Now I get to fold about 3,000,000 towels!

  2. RSS says:

    I tried to make it special for me since my hubby is in Israel. My boys did have some kisses and a card from school for me but I was the one to do the rest. I hope that when they get older they will let me sleep in and help out more like I did when I was younger for my mom on her special day. I did get to teach my kids the importance of giving and kindness. We went around delivering roses to Grandmothers, Aunts, and cousins in our city. It put a lot of smiles on everyone faces as well as my own children. They got to play outside while I got to clean up, and fix lunch and then Supper. It was a good day…My flowers to myself are just so beautiful. Thank you me!

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