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A Lesson at the Park

This morning I decided to start the day by taking my toddler to the neighbourhood playground. It has been a very long time since I have taken one of my children to the park. I had forgotten how much fun … Continue reading

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A Taste, Just a Taste, of Israel

My mother-in-law recently asked me about greek yogurt. I discovered greek yogurt about a year ago and I love it! So, I was happy to tell my m-i-l all about it. I was curious, though, as she is not really the … Continue reading

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Six Word Saturday

Yummy, Delicious,  Beautiful, Chocolatey, Chocolate Cake !

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Stepping Up To Shabbat

I had such good intentions this week! I went shopping on Wednesday. WEDNESDAY! Not Friday morning. Not Thursday afternoon. Wednesday! I took the frozen chicken for Shabbat from the grocery bag and put it straight into the fridge to defrost so … Continue reading

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A Dental Dilemma

Earlier this week, I was at the dentist with my baby. No, he is not yet three (the common age to start children on this relationship); yes, his teeth are full of cavities! Before you think too badly of me, … Continue reading

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A Balancing Act

Yesterday, we celebrated Victoria Day here in Canada. That meant that I had all my boys home and my girls were home from school by 12:30 p.m.. Victoria Day also marks the first safe planting date here – there shouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Six Word Saturday

Guests and guests and guests galore. Back next week, for some more 🙂

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